Throwback Thursday

It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY and I miss the game and my teammates everyday, especially during the spring time. Softball consumed my life from tee ball through college, and still to this day it’s apart of my life. Let’s be real I loved every moment of it and if I could do it all over again I would in a heart beat!

Right now there are young athletes who are 7 years old beginning to fall in love with the game, athletes who are 12 years old dreaming of playing for a big D1 school, high school athletes going through the recruiting process trying to catch the attention of their dream college, and there’s college athletes who are trying to hold on to the game for as long as they can because just like baseball not all athletes make it to the pros.

The stress put on young athletes about getting into a D1 school is crazy and it blows my mind! Yes, it’s nice to say “I played for a big D1 school” but isn’t the main goal to play in college and get a scholarship to help you financially get a degree? Honestly, the college athlete experience can happen at any college that offers sports. Young athlete are so caught up fantasizing about playing at big D1 schools they don’t realize all their options to play softball in college! It’s okay to play D2, D3, NAIA, or JC because it’s better than giving up on the sport you love and letting the talent you have just go to waste. My advice to young athletes and parents is instead of focusing on one dream school, pick five schools. Do the research pick your dream school and four other schools from all divisions. Have an open-mind to any opportunity that presents itself. Don’t fear being away from home, everything will be the same when you get back. If you’re determined to play you will find a college and team that fits you! Always remember its better to have options than no option.

I made some the best memories in college and have some teammates who are like family now! I would not change my softball or college experience at all!


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