Twenty -Three & Still Free

It’s true when they say a lot can happen in a year. This all might sound cliché but it’s real, people come and go through your all teaching you a lesson. Well I believe the same goes with age, but I see each year as a chapter of your life story.  At the end of each chapter you reflect on the new things you learned about yourself, the mistakes you made, and all you experienced to build up for the next chapter.  Turning the page to a new chapter is scary because you don’t know what to expect next but like any good book you continue because you want to know what happens next! I think they call this growing up, so you leave a little piece of your heart at chapter 23  just like you did at chapter 5 and you turn it into a memory.

Now, I might not have my life together when I turn 24, heck let’s be honest I don’t have my life together but I am totally fine with that. I can sit here and tell you all the things I don’t have or all the negativity that’s been told to me while being 23. It’s the usual stuff “when are you going to find a man, you drink too much, when are you going to grow up.” We all know “nobody likes you when you’re 23”, thanks Blink-182. But, that is a valid statement because all your friends are either getting engaged, having kids, or getting married. Then there’s you still trying to find someone worth your time.

So, I’ll be the first to say 23 was a complete shit show and I embraced every moment of it because it’s apart of  my story.  Made mistakes that I am young enough to make but also made mistakes that I am old enough to know better also had to learned some lessons the hard way.  If I focused on the negative things, my life would be miserable so I love to appreciate the positive things I am thankful for at 23.

  1. I have a place to call MY OWN.
  2. My job that helps keeps me financially stable
  3. I love the person I am
  4. The 7U team I have the opportunity to coach
  5. My free spirit and my wild heart
  6. The Jeep I have always wanted since I was a kid! (since I never got a Barbie Jeep)
  7. A healthy lifestyle, I choose to live
  8. My family, who is always there for me
  9. A degree minus the student loans ha
  10. My independence and freedom
  11. To have a relationship with God and my faith
  12. My mistakes because they’ve taught me lessons
  13. The trips I’ve got the chance to take
  14. Being able to be alone but not feel lonely
  15. My friends who are always there for me

So here’s to 23! I hope to stay  as wild and free, as I should be!


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